Quarterly Food and Ag Roundtable: Jonathan Eisen

Dr. Jonathan Eisen lead our 1st quarterly food and agriculture roundtable discussion on October 19th 2015.

After listening to Dr. Jonathan Eisen’s webinar, sponsored by the NRC Committee on Genetically Engineered Crops,  about microbiomes and the possible influence of glyphosate on the human microbiome, the Science Policy and Communication Group thought the topic would create a terrific round table discussion at UC Davis. Dr. Eisen spends a fair amount of his time blogging about germophobia and microbiomania (he uses Zotero, an open source tool, http://phylogenomics.blogspot.com/), refuting some of the many claims that are made in both arenas.  One is the link between glyphosate and autism, among others. The goal of this event was to expose a broad audience in the Davis community to Dr. Eisen’s expertise on microbiomes related to food and agriculture.

Here is a recording of the discussion:

Below is a poster of the event.

Microsoft Word - Eisen Roundtable Flyer .docx

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